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Have your taste buds and faces grinning as your team cooks up a storm – it’s a delicious way to bring your team together to learn new skills, enjoy each other’s company and share a feast of healthy food..

“At our most recent staff event we were lucky enough to learn how to prepare raw food. From the time you came into our office you brought big smiles and a really vibrant energy. Not only did we gel more as a team, we learned the importance of a balanced diet and that eating raw can be just as tasty if not MORE tasty then packet foods
Thank you again, I would highly recommend this experience”
-Real Plus



* 1 to 3 hours
* Regular Sessions
*At retreats


* As required


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Indoors

How it Works

Prior to the event we tailor a program that enables your values or challenges to be woven through the steps to prepare a raw food meal together.

During a ”Raw Chef” session you learn tried and tested recipes and preparation techniques & are challenged to select & combine from a range of ingredients to make your own. You’ll create new flavours and textures that you never imagined possible and you’ll leave with the ability to make healthy, nourishing, eye-pleasing dishes.

At the end of the day the team gets to enjoy the meal together & reflect upon what has been learnt.

As part of the “Raw Chef” we draw parallels between ingredients and the combination of ingredients to how a team of people work together. The human body functions best in an alkaline rather than an acidic state, (an alkaline state requires the right ingredients). What ingredients does your team need to function in its optimum state?
Join us for a raw food experience that will delight & enhance your team in more ways than one.


  • Improved communication skills (ideal to bond a new team)
  • An appreciation of the benefits of a flexible mindset and creative thinking
  • Understanding the advantages of effective workplace collaboration
  • Improved morale in the workplace
  • Improved resilience & acceptance of change