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Win Fast – Move Fast

To be a winner in anything in life is determined by an individual’s mindset. A true winner is someone who doesn’t stop at the word “no”, a winner is be motivated to turn a ”no” into a yes.

Winners go through the thought process and actions required to make it a yes situation!

The winner is a winner because they realise that no one else can control their minds. They are the driver of their minds and take responsibility for their actions and their words. Their focus is on “how” rather than “I don’t know”.



*10 x’s modules of 2.5 hrs duration, with ongoing support & development
One off Presentations at Seminars Corporate retreats Tailored to your timeframes


* As required


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Indoors

What Takes Place:

Through presentations & fun games, participants move past commonly held inhibitors such as limiting thoughts & language and learn:

  • Your mind Is not your brain – but that your mind controls what you think and what you do
  • How to change your mind (especially if you can’t change a situation)
  • To see with more than eyes and live according to what you can see with your mind and to envision success
  • Welcome challenge & failure as not yet and an opportunity for the future


Angus Munro is a registered clinical psychologist and clinic director, with qualifications including – Master of Clinical Psychology, BA of Science (Psychology) – 1st Class Hon, Grad Dip of Psychological Studies, Master of Business Admin, BA of Commerce (Accounting/Finance). He has extensive experience in private practice, hospital and university research environments. Angus combines this with his understanding of high performance in sports to excel in helping people to develop career, business and life potential.

Yolanda Maliepaard is a civil lawyer and a former frontline investment banker with some two decades international experience in the financial services sector. She’s had household name clients including Mercedes Benz, Vodafone, Philips, Toyota, Lindt, National Australia Bank and many more. She’s lived and worked in 15 different countries and speaks several languages fluently. She speaks to audiences and delivers her workshops with clarity, insight and verve.

Growth Mindset for Leaders

When the widely regarded pioneer of leadership Warren Bennis interviewed great leaders he found “they all agreed leaders are made, not born, and made more by themselves than by any external means.” Bennis concurs: “I believe.. that everyone, of whatever age and circumstance, is capable of self-transformation.”

Carol Dweck’s mindset studies have scientifically studied the effect of people’s views on where their abilities come from, do they believe their abilities are fixed/innate or the result of hard work & learning? Fixed mindset people dread failure, feeling that it reflects badly upon themselves as individuals, while growth mindset people instead embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and improve their abilities.
Leaders who utilise a growth mindset tend to foster more positive views on employees & supervisors. Their work environment tends to be more conducive to innovation, collaboration, learning and growing.
Conversely fixed mindset leadership tends to promote a workplace where employees are scared to fail and a few ‘pin-up’ workers are highly valued. There is likely to be less innovation, more corner cutting & dishonesty.


  • More effective & connected leadership
  • More effective & connected leadership
  • Communicate to encourage effort & a future vision
  • Develop more positive relationships – in the office & amongst stakeholders
  • Be inspired to learn & learn from your mistakes
  • Identify opportunities for success
  • Develop mentorship qualities