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Strategic brainstorming at its wildest, we partner with clients to activate a theme playing on the company’s brand. Our experiential live events help companies to bring their products and services to life.


At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.

We deliver live experiences that engage all the senses & allow people to find out their own feelings about a brand or service. People act on and love to share their feelings – which can play a significant role in developing a loyal base of employee or consumer brand advocates.

* Engage with consumers & stake holders at trade shows.

* Build suspense around a new product or service.

* Create interactive zones at festivals, family days, sporting events & road shows.

Our Formula

  1. Creative Brainstorming
  2. Drive the ideas with a sound strategy
  3. Deliver above expectations
  4. Good Relationships
  5. Evaluate & Learn


Creative Brainstorming

This stage is led by our creative leaders. Anything is possible as the usual boundaries of day to day reality are dissolved to enable the multitude of ideas waiting to be discovered to come through.

Drive the ideas with a sound strategy

From these ideas we research & distil strategies to target the objective and bring the brief to life.

Deliver above expectations

We are pedantic with all aspects of our work & making your event everything it can be is our goal. Our people are problem solvers & quick thinkers ready to  deal with the unexpected.

Good Relationships

We are team players who take on a limited number of clients each year, if we align & choose to work together then you are our priority.

Evaluate & Learn

At the conclusion of the event you receive a detailed evaluation report on what was achieved with insights for the future.

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