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Joining us on the dance floor for your next team building event will bring out a whole new side of your colleagues. Whether you think you have two left feet or love the dance floor we have professional choreographers who can teach you to dance.

It’s a bright uplifting experience & a different way to bond, reward or motivate your team.

A range of styles & themes to choose from Bollywood, Polynesian, Latin, African, Contemporary, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Zumba to name a few.



*30 minutes to 120 minutes
*Regular Sessions
*At retreats


* As required


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Can be Indoors or Outdoors


So You Think You Can dance
Following the format of the popular TV series, groups learn a choreography & then perform head to head for the judges. Introduces an element of competition as groups work against the clock to be ready to perform in time, also develops team work and camaraderie

Work Culture
Spice up your work culture with our cultures , Bollywood , African, Polynesian, Latin themed events is a fantastic way to get all your staff, male and female working together while having a laugh. Includes costumes & is tailored to your groups needs and abilities.

Learn a Dance
Learning a dance together (we can cover pretty much anything – just ask!) takes participants out of their comfort zone and helps to dissipate any professional barriers as all members of the team – regardless of management level or job role – perform as one.

High energy zumba activity at a team building event in sydney


* Enhance relationships through enjoyable, shared experience
* A sense of camaraderie through moving together
* Develop an awareness of non verbal communication
* Benefit your health
* Improve your motor skills
* Create bonding opportunities for new and existing teams
* Creative team interaction where ‘everyone is equal’
* Happier employees – helps individuals release endorphins (and stress).