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Become more effective, more aware & more connected.

High level sports people often seem to have all the time in the world to choose what to do & then execute accordingly when in fact they only have a millisecond. Being in the flow or in the zone is a state of mind that is commonly referred to & uncommonly experienced.

We believe all of us have the potential to be an elite performer and function with this level of “effectiveness & connectedness”.
It just requires a certain set of skills and practise.



* One off 30 to 60 minute sessions for conferences
* Regular programs


* As required


* Throughout Australia


* Indoors or Outdoors

How it Works

Programs are tailored to your needs
Activities include yoga, relaxation & stress management techniques, guided meditations, movements & endorphin release. In essence participants learn how to achieve internal balance, this is achieved by doing rather than intellectualising.
Participants also become conscious of:-
– Posture and the relationships between stress & anxiety.
– The different brainwave states that relate to productivity, balance & well being and how to reach a state that enhances creativity & productivity.


* Increased clarity and insight
* Reduced stress and better health
* Create positive balance within your team
* Lead by example
* Positive thoughts create positive results
* Feeling more connected with self and others = more opportunities to think outside box

Is Meditation Relevant?

As a business person, I noticed a number of people I knew pretty well who really picked up on it (meditation), people who perhaps had come into it with some degree of scepticism and found the experience useful,
Bob Shapiro, co-founded Sandbox Industries, Former Monsanto CEO

I enjoy meditation, which I’ve been doing for over a decade — probably to help relieve the stress I was going through when I was working at Oracle,’
Marc Benioff, CEO of