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“A picture paints a thousand words”

Explore corporate identity and your creative flair. Create your own team artworks – anything from a large mural to small scale paintings. Sharing a creative vision develops skills in planning, communication and acceptance. Delegates can access their creative powers and return to work with an artistic reminder of their vision for your company.



* 1 to 3 hours
* Regular Sessions
* At retreats


* As required


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Indoors


Sessions are led by experienced artists/facilitators, who will challenge & guide participants to express their ideas in a meaningful way.
Prior to the day we can tailor the program & type of artwork to be created. Clients can also choose one of our presentations.

Your Company Vision –
Develop a profound vision for the company (Usually the company leadership group)
Utilising art as a way to encapsulate thoughts & feelings that may otherwise be difficult to verbalise or write down in words creating an artistic vision statement for your organisation.

 Team Cohesion –
Bring everyone’s creative talents together and work
collectively to a
common goal.

Aboriginal Art –

Under the guidance of our Aboriginal facilitators paint canvas’s or  create your dreamtime story on a boomerang which delegates take home as a keep sake gift.
A great way to add some positive colour to the office!
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The artwork may be created as several canvas paintings where the end result is to either hang the artworks on various walls at work or to bring the canvases together to create one combined team artwork. The artwork can also be created as a mural style painting on a canvas or on an inside or outside wall at work.


* Deeper connection with company vision
* Improved communication
* Practical experience of lateral thinking
* Shared achievement – overcoming personal & group inhibitions/fears
* Take back to work a beautiful artwork that is a positive reminder of what can be achieved when a team listens to each other and allows for open leadership