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Transform and unite different groups with a drum for each participant, we’ll lead your group on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure.
Within minutes energy levels are heightened as everyone works together to discover the rhythm of their team.

We’ll tailor the program to suit your objectives and can even incorporate your product as an instrument.

“I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your team for providing us with a fantastic experience at our team day last week. We are all still buzzing from it and have really come together more as a team through that experience.”

–KPMG. Audit & Risk Advisory Services



* 15 minute Conference Openings
* Team Building Activities: 30 minutes to 2 hours
* Dinner – Interactive Entertainment
* At varied intervals during retreats and conferences


* Suitable for 8 to 800 people


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Can be Indoors or Outdoors

How it Works

The sound of anticipation can be heard through the rapid beating of 100 heartbeats as delegates enter the room to the primitive sound of the drums. The discovery of a drum on each chair inspires laughter and collaboration as 200 hands beat their drums. Within minutes everyone is working together in harmony.

During the session various activities are undertaken to bring the group together. Like an orchestra as the music progresses multiple rhythms are played simultaneously, this necessitates intense listening skills and heightened awareness. Once the new found symphony has ”locked in” selected delegates come forward to lead the music as the rhythm conductor.

More Info

Can be indoors or outdoors

Sessions work best when each participant has a chair to sit on – ideally without arms
Theatre Style, Semi Circles of Chairs, Cabaret, Classroom is not recommended unless the desk tops are able to be flipped out of the way

< 100pax not required
< 100pax a microphone for the facilitator
< 200pax a microphone for the facilitator, 2 overhead microphones for the main rhythm keepers {musicians} drums, others depending upon the venue acoustics

Depends upon the number of drums we are providing, for small groups of less than 20pax minimal time is required


  • Improved focus – to successfully make music together a group of people have to listen to one another, relax, feel the rhythm and move beyond other challenges.
  • Mutual acknowledgment and respect for others emerge as each participant sees the overall sound is greater than any individual part.
  • A powerful experience of successfully working together
  • Understanding & experiencing different levels of leadership both as a listener and instigator