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The most effective negotiators are aware that negotiation is a process. They know negotiation is much more than a race to be the winner in a zero-sum game in which each parties interests conflict directly with each others.

Highly skilled negotiators look to facilitate a win-win situation where both parties can feel good about the outcome of the process.

They ask questions, listen more than they talk and think of ways to solve problems. They realise that a better result can be achieved by being aware of emotions (their own & others) rather than being ruled by emotions.



*10 x’s modules of 2.5 hrs duration, with ongoing support & development One off Presentations at SeminarsCorporate retreats
Tailored to your timeframes


* As required


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Can be Indoors or Outdoors

What Takes Place

You will review your current negotiation skills & thought processes. Are your assumption sound, compare gut instinct and rational thinking approaches.
Learn from real life case studies.
Play out different scenarios from competitive environments tailored for your industry that involve :-
– managing emotionally charged situations
– dealing with parallel negotiations
– adapting & being effective as interests & goals are altered during the negotiation process
Critique & obtain feedback.


Yolanda Maliepaard is the owner of Maliepaard & Co. She’s a civil lawyer and a former frontline investment banker with some two decades international experience in the financial services sector. She’s had household name clients including Mercedes Benz, Vodafone, Philips, Toyota, Lindt, National Australia Bank and many more. She’s lived and worked in 15 different countries and speaks several languages fluently. She speaks to audiences and delivers her workshops with clarity, insight and verve.


  • Sell yourself, your products, & your vision with conviction and enthusiasm in ever-changing circumstances.
  • Make psychologically persuasive presentations that serve as vehicles of leadership, motivation and success.
  • Connect with clients on a deep level for mutual benefit, cross selling & increased profits.
  • Understand mindset, how to switch to “growth” mode and what that’ll do for performance.
  • Harness the power of 5- minute mindfulness & quick-meditation to improve focus and results.& amongst stakeholders.