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A spine tingling conference energy raiser or team building activity.
The Challenge or War Cry Haka made famous by the New Zealand’s rugby All blacks was traditionally used by tribes to connect, create a united front & to intimidate their opponents.

Whilst these were situations when it was unlikely they would return unscathed. the attitudes behind this dynamic display are the same as for any group of people wishing to work effectively together!



*15 to 60 minutes


* As required


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Can be Indoors or Outdoors

What Takes Place:

A haunting sound of the giant conch shell accompanies the Haka performers as they make their way into the room. Once in position the call from the leader signifies the start of the hair raising challenge Haka. Once completed we introduce the philosophies behind the Haka & share some of the historical & cultural context, as the Haka is about sharing, sharing of your spirit & true self for the good of the group, it’s about relying upon one another & coming together for the groups survival. (Some of these elements are more readily recognised in other versions of the Haka that may be seen as a welcome for dignified guests and other special occasions.)
Our tribesman will teach you the words, the actions and their significance as you learn to perform the Haka joining with us for a group finale performance.


  • Overcome individual inhibitions and fears as a team
  • Spine tingling energy raiser
  • Develops Trust, & Collaboration