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Create & install an amazing musical garden for an under privileged community. A find play grow team building day is a group affirming way to make a difference as the recipients of the build immediately benefit from the structure and it leaves a lasting legacy for future children.

It’s an innovative way to connect with your community and meet corporate responsibility initiatives.





* As required


* Throughout Australia


* Outdoors

How it Works

We will structure a day to meet a specific challenge and or cause. Once the beneficiary is chosen (this can be an organisation you designate or we can make suggestions), we then select the level of input your team would like to contribute to the design, materials & build of the musical garden. We then set the day to get building & install the structure
Find Play Grow also taps into teams resourcefulness, creativity & openness to new challenges. The structures utilise unwanted objects & reclaimed materials. When possible suitable materials from your workplace can be utilised as well.
These programmes can be either a one day event, or an ongoing project which can be handed down from team to team in the future. Projects can be located throughout Australia. We provide all suitable tools and equipment along with organised catering, logistical transport, support and insurance. Suitable for groups of up to 30pax at a time?.


* Forges group bonds and a positive team image
* Develops Trust & Collaboration
* Improved communication skills (ideal to bond a new team)
* An appreciation of the benefits of a flexible mindset and creative thinking
* Improved morale in the workplace
* New insights & new perspectives