“When the cork is off the ideas just keep flowing with enthusiasm”

High Octave seamlessly integrates everything you need in a training and development consultancy. Our team is a small eclectic bunch, with individual strengths, quirky differences and a shared love of professional wellness and development. What began over 15 years ago as Drum Beats interactive events, has now grown into multiple businesses including High Octave Sydney Team Building, one of the more expansive training and development consultancies in Australia. The aim is simple, to deliver a perfect ratio of creativity, strategy and action to make your experience all it can be.

A couple who were sitting at the kitchen table all those years ago, discussing ideas and concepts about what inspired them and how they could work together, primarily using their common denominator, “wouldn’t it be great to do something that inspired others and bring some happiness into the mundane!” have come a long way. When discussing their workshops and clients, including some of the biggest brands in Australia, there is no mistaking the passion this couple have.

Get to Know The Team:

What are your greatest achievements?


Every day is an achievement! My big ones are being a mum and walking 100km for Oxfam. This was definitely a mental mountain and I was ready for the challenge. It required teamwork and mental fitness followed by physical stamina. I learnt a lot about myself both times I did this. The 2nd time we didn’t make it to the finish line and I did what was required – advised the member of my team to be happy with 75km and that that it wasn’t worth enduring the injuries. I was in great form, we had done amazing time and I wanted to keep going. It took more strength to let go of my ego and do what I thought best. It changed my whole approach to my work and life performance. You could say that I had a bit of an epiphany!


The fact that i have been able to do what we set out to do all those years ago, we have provided inspiring highly regarded programs to adults & children alike. Actually i worked out the other day that we have worked with 32 of the top 50 ASX listed companies.
Personally every day that i do my best as a father & guide for our children is really satisfying.

How would you describe yourself?


In a few short words, mumpreneur, multitasker, professional…
I have over 20 years experience performing on stage, around the globe, musician, singer, leadership facilitator, business founder, mum, corporate training program development & implementation.


Someone with over 40 years of exploration into human potential, searching, seeking, learning to create, to co create, to inspire.
Someone who remembers that failure is a state of mind and consistent effort of the right kind & spirit leads to great things!

Why did you develop High Octave?


To inspire, to educate, to leave a legacy. We love what we do and wanted a job that didn’t feel like we were “working”. Something that was rewarding and passed the baton so to speak on knowledge sharing and growing and instilling morale in teams.


For some time I have been involved with developing & delivering team building & team training programs for clients who had enjoyed Drum Beats offerings. The success & great feedback made it a natural progression to want to offer these programs to more people with a more innovative and fun delivery.

In a ‘tweet’ how would you best describe yourselves?


Live, love and laugh!
Always be ready to give and receive with an open heart


Someone who strives to find an interdependent opportunity in every situation .





What's in a Name
Why High Octave?

In music the term ‘octave’ describes a perfect ratio between one note and another.

Musical notes an octave apart sound the same and this concurrence is often described as the basic miracle of music.

Our name ‘High Octave’ is a reminder of the magic that can happen in all mediums.

Whether we are working on an activation, a retreat, team building or training, we strive to deliver a perfect ratio of creativity, strategy and action to make your experience all it can be.

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