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Allow unspoken assumptions to be heard & clarified

Puppetry is an old traditional art form that is still active in almost every culture. Historically puppetry has been utilised in situations such as educational, spiritual & cultural teaching.

In a team building context puppets are a surprisingly effective & enjoyable tool of communication, they unlock unspoken team dynamics, portray different personalities traits and roles & they cross all cultures. They invoke the child within us & allow participants to connect in a fun & creative way.



* 60 to 90 minutes
* Regular Sessions
* At retreats


* As required


* Throughout Australia & the Pacific


* Indoors

How it Works

Prior to the day we decide on the themes/company values that will be the focus of the session.
Session begins with a demonstration with pre made puppets and a brief on the purpose of the activity. For large groups participants are split into smaller groups and teams make their puppets (we utilise recycled materials as much as possible) and begin planning their role play/puppet show. During this time our facilitators work with each group to offer assistance as required.
Once the groups have finished working out their role play/puppet show they present to the whole group. The session concludes with a question and answer group discussion.


* Overcome individual inhibitions and fears as a team
* Improved Communication & leadership skills
* Develops Trust, Spontaneity, Creativity & Collaboration
* Encourage creative play and discovery