Looking to get your team heading in the same direction?

We can help!

Fun and engaging activities for conferences and off sites, full day programs, one off and regular sessions.



Aboriginal Team Building

Join our Indigenous Facilitators, on a one of a kind dreamtime experience as you learn about team leadership & support and enhance team communication


Puppet Stories

A surprisingly effective & enjoyable tool of communication, puppets unlock unspoken team dynamics, portray different personalities traits



The Haka made famous by the rugby All blacks was traditionally used by tribes to connect, create a united front & to intimidate their opponents


Community Team Building

Create & install an amazing musical garden for an under privileged community


Song to Stage

Take your people out of the office and onto a stage to develop their unique collective voice.


Corporate Drumming

Transform and unite different groups each participant has a drum to play


The Raw Chef

A delicious way to bring your team together to learn new skills, enjoy each other’s company and share a feast of healthy food.


Connected Wellness

Become more effective, more aware & more connected.


Circus Workshops

A wonderfully light-hearted way to get your group together and to cultivate the trust, communication and commitment


Laughter Workshop

Laughter is the Best Team Medicine, And here is why.


Team Dance

Spice up your work culture with our cultures , Bollywood , African, Polynesian, Latin themed events is a fantastic way to get all your staff, male and female working together


Team Art

Explore corporate identity and creative flair Create your own team artworks – anything from a large mural to small scale paintings.

We tap into participants often under utilised creative capabilities with drama, music & mind body practices.
Team building activities include drumming & other percussion based sessions, song - collaborating to develop lyrics & a performance, art - the process of translating the ideas behind an organisation onto canvas can be a revelatory process, whats in a war-cry - develop a war-cry befitting your organisation.
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