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Transform Your Patterns & Connect

A successful work environment facilitates positive growth for both the company & its people.

The types of connection colleagues have with their peers & their work has a direct impact upon success.

By taking a broad view of these connections and re aligning patterns & adjusting imbalance it is possible to develop a more coherent work space and personal space.



*As required options include:
-Initial assessments & ongoing support & development programs.
-One off Presentations at Seminars Corporate retreats.


* As required


* Throughout Australia & Internationally


* Indoors

Presentations & Workshops

Resource Oriented Human Management
Participants are trained in how to recognise their own practical operational system and the practical operational systems of their workmates.
Values-based operations
This approach to systems design ensures quality assurances are met, and that continuous improvement is part of the operations of each system.
Creative problem-solving
Specifically to benefit innovators and those that want to incorporate continuous innovation into their business. Here we examine the difference between achievable goals and larger visions. Although visions may often appear unrealistic, when dealt with from the correct neurological approach, they increase efficiency by aligning goals and streamlining operations.


Dr. Catherine Wilkins has been perfecting and teaching her unique system of Fractology for nearly 30 years, facilitating clients and students in developing their own conscious intuitive logic, and balancing the left and right sides of their brain. She enables clients to realize their visions in practical and effective terms, greatly transforming their lives for their own benefit and the benefit of many others.

The unique elements of Catherine’s pattern-based system enable her to rapidly find specific solutions to intractable issues and “mystery illnesses.” Renowned as a medical intuitive and holistic therapist, she receives referrals for such cases from psychotherapists, psychologists, and chiropractors. She works widely with professionals from many disciplines, including university professors and corporate CEOs, and has consulted for HR departments in both tertiary education and business.

Catherine is also the author of The Soul’s Brain due for release by Hay House Publishing in February 2019.


For the individuals & the group

  • Improved Communication
  • Clarity as to where best to focus efforts
  • Enhanced health & vitality
  • Improved group coherence
  • Increased day to day flow