Going to Bunning’s is something I look forward to.
With DIY programs still going strong my Neanderthal  instincts to build & create have been  ignited and inspired and it’s something i like to do that is actually in fashion!

We have worked with Bunning’s over the last 10 years but this was by far the biggest conference. When we were initially approached the request was to provide an interactive drumming show utilising drums & buckets as the tools of communication, as we had done at previous events.

Our response

3,000 drums at the ACER Arena!! Yes we can provide that many drums but you will also need 3,000 sets of ear plugs to go with it. With a view for the size of the space, a little acoustic knowledge and some brand awareness our focus became the products, sustainability and the consumer message.

The Result

Half a day of fun exploring the sounds of various products at the largest Bunning’s site in Sydney created a list of possibilities and we were on our way to a successful teambuilding experience.
The success was due to the orchestration and the logistics which resulted in a series energy raisers  with smaller teams.  Three individual rhythms and a unison rhythmic catch phrase which then culminated into the finale of 3,000 buckets, 3,000 paint stirrers, 1,000 boxes of washers, 2,000 conduit boxes and 2,000 metal brackets.

A wonderfully successful event that worked well with internal communication objectives, staff demographics, the venue and had a strong brand awareness.

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