Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset – have you heard of it?
I love it!! there is no pass or fail simply “not there yet.” The freedom can be felt just in those 3 big words  of total empowerment.

Yippee! Something that was very much aligned to the High Octave philosophy and what better environment to put it into action than with groups of conservative bankers at leadership  conferences…. singing together!


It’s the end of the day and the content for the day had been deep yet fused with fun. We burst into the room costumed with sparkles and feather bowers belting out Bruno Mars Uptown Funk . In moments we have everyone dancing and singing along  having a great time.
Then out come the ipads, speakers and song sheets and the challenge has been set
“you have a choice of 5 songs and whichever group calls out the loudest for the song announced will have the opportunity to re write the lyrics to that song based on what you have learnt over the course of the day”
Great, so now we have bankers  acting like Bon Jovi, Jimmy Barnes, Madonna and Tina Turner.

The Main

The real Growth Mindset part of the challenge came during the dinner
event where our delegates were backed by a band featuring musicians who play for some of our Aussie stars like James Morrison, Christine Anu, and Guy Sebastian.
An array of costumes, a stage set with microphones and instruments for the newly discovered performers to jam along with.


New found confidence emerged as each group of participants overcame fears and took to the stage to perform their re worked songs.
Being able to call upon the focus & poise that professional musicians take to the stage are valuable skills for everyone & for these groups it was no different. Was it Challenging and at time confronting YES. Was it also Collaborative, Creative and Fun? YES on all accounts!

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